How to Register

The registration process has been incorporated to safeguard your privacy and security on the Etisalat4Me web site. To utilize all the features that are provided by Etisalat4Me site, it is mandatory that the customer go through the complete registration process ONCE. The registered User ID and Password you choose during this process will help you to conduct all future transactions with this site securely.

Registration Process

The Registration Process is in two steps which starts with filling up of by Etisalat4Me Registration Wizard.
Step 1: Online Registration
Step 2: Registration Verification

Step 1

Online Registration

Guideline for Registering through your GSM Number

  1. Please fill-in Registration wizard and enter your GSM No. as required.

  2. A 10 digit token number will be sent via SMS onto your GSM phone number you have specified in the Registration wizard.

  3. Kindly enter this 10 digit token number in the field provided on the screen within 15 minutes of its receipt.

  4. The system does the relevant checks and provides you with a reference number. Kindly keep this number for future reference. Your Online Registration is Completed.

Guideline for Registering through DEL / Internet Customers (non GSM)

  1. Please fill in Registration wizard and enter your DEL or Internet Account as required.

  2. On successful submission, you will receive a unique reference number. Kindly keep this number for future reference.

Completion of Online Registration with Etisalat4Me, allows you to use all the features on the site.

You are now required to call up toll free help desk number 101 for identification and completion of your online registration.


Step 2

Registration Verification

To uphold customer integrity and privacy it is required that for certain services (viewing detail bills) you have to visit your nearest Etisalat branch ONCE with relevant ID details. Once your identity is verified, the facility for viewing call detail charges, Bill inquiry, track status and fault reporting etc. will be activated.

Activities needing Registration Verification:

  1. Detailed Bill Presentment

  2. Change of Address / P.O. Box NO.